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Small Homes Make Sense

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The trend for small homes is catching on like wildfire. Is it the economy? Baby boomers planning their retirement? Shrinking  retirement funds making downsizing a necessity? But young people are also interested in smaller spaces in order to have a place of their own. In fact, average home sizes are declining, and smaller homes have become more popular than ever.

small Tumblewed home

When Sarah Susanka published her landmark book The Not So Big House in 1999, the real estate market was coming down from a high.  The concept of smaller homes caught on, and now there are many interesting resources for people wanting to explore the possibilities that downsizing can offer. Homes now are actually double the size they were In the 1960s, but down slightly from a high of 2277 square feet in 2008 when it became clear that the bubble had burst. Something had to change, and it  is unlikely that super-sized McMansion homes will be popular again any time soon.

Here are some of the reasons why Living Small can be affordable, rewarding, and fun.

coffee shop

1.  The "Cappucino Factor" :  If you want to walk to your favorite coffee shop, you will probably need to be in a smaller space, whether in a house or in a high-rise condo. When you live right in town, you can consider using public transportation, or carpooling as well. Think San Francisco, or in Hawaii it’s Kapahulu. Many homes in this neighborhood are on lots in the 2000 – 3000 sq. ft. range.

Kapahulu cottage

2. Gnomes are hot, dinosaurs are not :  Small has become chic, just as a Mini Cooper is way cooler than a Suburban, and Chihuahuas are more popular than Great Danes. Conspicuous consumption is not so popular these days.  But you can still have some touches of luxury…

Hawaii Kai home

3. Luxury and beauty, redefined :  When your home is only 700 square feet it’s much easier to afford the real hardwood floors and granite counters. Homeowners want efficiency, but they don’t want to feel cramped. Creative use of space can be vertical rather than horizontal. High ceilings and skylights can do this beautifully. Well-designed cabinets, clever storage, and compact furniture make it work. Some of the popular design trends are decorative hooks and coat racks, corner cabinets, trundle beds and under-bed storage, trunk tables, and storage ottomans. Uniform flooring throughout a small space  helps, such as bamboo or porcelain tile everywhere. Kapahulu kitchen

4. Time and money:  Ever try to vacuum 4000 square feet of carpet on 3 levels? If so, you might understand how much simpler it is to clean and maintain a small home. The cost to heat and cool is proportionately lower, and painting, yard care, roofing, etc are more manageable. 

Tiny Rustic Cabin

5. New and affordable:  Manufactured Homes are nothing like the trailers of old – you know, the ones where you choose between single-wide and double-wide. They are hot again, and a great choice when price is the main factor, averaging  10 – 35 percent cheaper than similar-sized conventional homes.  In some parks you own your land in fee simple, in others you just rent it. Depending on the area, you will pay a monthly fee ranging from $100 and up per month for your share of amenities and for your land.

Manufactured Home

6. No Building Permits Needed ?! Not if you select a Manufactured Home. They fall under federal guidelines administered by the Federal Housing Authority, or FHA, unlike “stick homes” which refers to everything else. Their building standards are set at the federal level,  and inspections are handled entirely at the factory.  You generally get to bypass the local building authorities. That alone is makes them worth considering! Perhaps that is why they are not available here in Hawaii where our local officials like to control everything. Or perhaps it is that big ocean separating us from the factories, and the shipping by truck that is needed. Blue Manufactured Home
7. Size is relative. For someone moving from a 4200 square foot home – common in many areas – a home of just 1800 square feet is true downsizing.  A retired submariner might have a lot elbow room in a 400 square foot condo.

8. Family togetherness. Where can you go when you can touch all the walls – at the same time? Still, I think we all agree that there are some families that are not good candidates for "tiny living" due to family size, ages, and habits.

Family togetherness

9. Be a child again – How serious can you take the little ups and downs of life when you are in your own playhouse??

Tree House

10. The Cute Factor: The adult fascination with things in miniature is not to be dismissed. Who can resist kittens and puppies?  Miniature horses??  Don’t forget model trains. Baby vegetables. Those cute little hamburgers oddly called “sliders”. Gotta love 'em.

Cute hamster

Resources for Living Small

On the Web:
The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - Tiny Houses from 65 to 837 square feet. Buy house plans and build it yourself, or buy ready made houses delivered to you. In Northern California, of course. You won’t believe what you can do with 89 square feet!! Keep in mind that a queen sized bed is about 24 square feet.

Tiny Green Cabins- .  Located in Minnesota, where it’s hard for some of us to imagine spending a winter in one of these rustic cuties. Their motto "Simplify simplify, simplify" is taken from the words of America's first "greenie", writer Henry David Thoreau. 

tiny raised house

Tiny House Blog: fun to read and share, check out the Photo Gallery, too.   Very informative resource.

Little House on a Small Planet  by Shay Salomon- A wholistic approach to choosing your living style and rethinking your needs.

Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan- Fun and practical ideas will get you motivated to explore small spaces.

tiny in between big houses
Mini House by Alejandro Bahamon – the many intriquing varieties of tiny spaces for all lifestyles here and abroad

Online Newspaper:

"In Greenwich Village, a Songwriter's Garret"–  a May 6, 2010 2010 New York Times feature article on small home of  musician Kenny White.

cute brick house

Smaller living is all about enjoying life with with less worry and more fun. If you are intrigued about simplifying your life in a smaller nest, I hope that this inspires you to explore your options. Be sure to check with your local city building authorities to determine what you can do. Work to change restrictive laws that prevent small homes from being approved.

Please feel free to let me know if I can help you further, or if you have ideas or resources to share.

Copyright 2010 Stephanie Gieseler, Honolulu, Hawaii. All rights reserved.

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Pakala7 — Sunday, August 15, 2010
I adore these darling "mini-houses". I think it'd be so awesome to have a neighborhood where the streets are lined with nothing but mini house with mini cars and mini trees!

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Booch — Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Very interesting. Love the idea of being able to keep up with cleaning and maintenance. However, in many cases you couldn't do without AC.

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