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Entertainment :: Nintendo Hawaiiana :: This Month's Experiment : Embracing Your $250 3DS

This Month's Experiment : Embracing Your $250 3DS

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Welcome to my brand new monthly! Nintendo Hawaiiana, my monthly talk of Nintendo DS, DSiWare, 3DS and Wii content... but don't just stop here. I also maintain a blog where I'll post the latest news, spot reviews, keep track of upcoming events and releases, and more. And yes, you should be able to see it just fine on your little mobile devices (like those $100+ ones you see kids half your age walking around with... how the heck!) Address? It's...


Nintendo 3DS


Anyway let's get to it, starting this month with helping you embrace your $250 3DS.

If you were like me you snapped up the 3DS when it first came out. You got your 3DS and... waited for the 3DS to pay off. And don't get me wrong, over time it has paid off... if you were patient enough to wait for it. And what did we get so far?

  • They finally added internet access to the 3DS, which has really made this my workhorse tool for all things reviewing.
  • 3DS eshop opened, opened up an easier means to review on the 3DS.
  • 3DS Applications slowly becoming available, slowly but surely... which is something I'm bringing up, mainly Flipnote Memo and the 3DS Video Recording app later in this bit. So far the only really good app out is Nintendo Video and that app is... eh... it's finally improving and getting better slowly but surely as some really good videos are coming up. So stick to it, Nintendo Video, your getting better!

Overall slowly but surely Nintendo is making the 3DS useful... but then came early buyer regret when Nintendo announced dropping the price of the 3DS only half a year after it came out... but wait, to lessen that blow they also announced a program to reward those of us who bought in early into the 3DS so all is right now with the world, right? Well... not exactly since it seems only the latecomer is getting rewarded and us first comers are left standing in line still waiting for our comeuppance... that seems to be slowly hijacked by the newcomers. Yes, I'm talking the 3DS Ambassador program.

The most important thing that needs to be explained about this is the schedule, because a few people in the past few weeks has come up to me asking how I liked the reward... that is still a long ways off.... so, you know, stop asking us if we like it, OK? We don't have anything to like yet!

Everyone who bought a $250 3DS before the cutoff date of August 11th (though even Nintendo's own website says it's actually August 18th) is automatically added once they add the July 25th system update (aka the anti-modding suicide self destruct update) and checked into the eshop for the first time... only apparently stores like Target and Wal-Mart decided to rock the boat by slashing prices days early allowing anyone who bought before deadline to double dip. In other words buy their 3DS at $170 and benefit from a program that was never meant for them in the first place. And, if that wasn't bad enough, Nintendo Australia and Nintendo Europe apparently (from info I found from groups like Animal Crossing Community) extended their Ambassador Program eligibility, again providing new 3DS owners a chance to double dip unfairly. And finally there's the notation on Nintendo of America's own site mentioning a week expansion on the deadline... are you feeling bad yet? Well by now you should feel better and all, being September and all, but let's continue.

August 20th Nintendo added a means to check your eligibility to the program just in case your worried... but since it's September now I guess this is a moot point. After that we jump to Sepember 1st when the first half of the Ambassador Program, 10 free NES Virtual Console games, is made available. Yes, next month is the full pre-review of the first release, stay tuned... huh? Pre-review?

4th Quarter 2011 two things are going to happen. Anywhere between 1 to 17 weeks Nintendo is going to release full versions of the 10 NES VC games (with addition of multiplayer and other things). Also, during that same 1 to 17 weeks, Nintendo releases the second half of the gift, 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games... only you have to wait until 2012 for a possible full eshop release, presently not promised this year.

So that's it. For a program that is supposed to lessen buyer's remorse for buying a 3DS early you're expected to wait a long time before you can claim to have received 100% of your compensation. And yes, I did ask Nintendo about this... and here is their official response.

While I can certainly understand your wanting to gain access to the free games as soon as possible, please consider the logistics involved in the rolling out this program.  Registration to the program is just one part of it.  The games themselves need to go through the same development process as other software.  This means that they need to be reprogrammed/ported to the Nintendo 3DS and tested for bugs before they can be added to the Nintendo eShop.  This all takes time.

Nintendo of America

Yes, that is an explanation I can believe in especially since (unlike the Wii versions of these same games) additional content is supposed to be added for the 3DS editions. Hopefully Nintendo sets up a means by which we can input comments and suggestions on the process before the final release. So that's squared away with... what! Usually Nintendo of America gives me a virtual cookie in the form of useless links, pats me on the head and sends me off... so this is about the most informative Nintendo of America has been to me in like -- ever.

But why just suffer buyer's regret here. You can also feel it in your apps. I won't bring up the Video Recording App except to say itis supposed to be tied to the next System Update, and Europe is supposed to get it first. Let's focus on Flopnote Studio and the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary contest Draw Your Own Zelda Flipnote.

Visit for details on the contest... then see your red meat of 3DS buyer's remorse when you see that the contest is only open to Nintendo DSi / DSi XL owners with Flipnote Studio... then remember that you'll need to put your red meat of 3DS buyer's remorse on a medium stove until medium rare to avoid food borne illnesses, then consume and rage on. Yes, they're supposed to roll out a 3DS version of Flipnote, Flipnote Memo, but as of this date (with the contest ending September 9th) there is no sign of Flipnote Memo. Are you serious? That completely ices out 3DS owners from entering the contest if this isn't changed! That should invalidate the contest if 3DS owners are not allowed to compete! But maybe we are only a few days away from the launch of Flipnote Memo. As long as your given enough time to create your entry it can be forgiven that Nintendo DSi owners had an unfair 2 weeks or more head start... of course there'll be heck to pay if they completely ice out us 3DS owners... but that's a story for another update, or the Nintendopoly blog. Keep an eye out there and I'll post updates on this story as they happen (or don't happen).

That's it for now. Next month? Yes. The full pre-reviews of the first 10 games promised by Nintendo's Ambassador program. The NES Virtual Console games. Which should you be looking forward to buying, which to possibly (if not improved upon) avoid, and what's the highlights of the batch? I'll let you know. So until then keep on gaming and see you around!

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