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Niihau Dive Site - Pyramid Point

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The islands of Niihau and tiny Lehua are located 17 miles off the coast of Kauai's Barking Sands Beach. These islands are in Kauai's rain-shadow, so are very dry. Consequently, there is little runoff leaving the surrounding waters extremely clear. Pyramid Point is a haven for monk seals, sandbar sharks and other deep water marine life.



Ten thousand years ago, the sea-level was much lower and rivers cut deep canyons, that now lie underwater. A steep bluff goes straight down 400 feet to the ocean floor, be careful you don't go down too far!

You can also see this video and many others on Google Earth: latitude: 22.014440225848162, longitude: -160.0795555114746.

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Regarding the Kilauea volcano lava flow.

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