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Oahu Beaches Virtual Tour

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Visit 100s of Panoramas at Resource4Hawaii's HAWAII TRAVEL GUIDE

Oahu's fabled north shore... This lush tropical coastline is home to some of the world's most incredible beaches; generous expanses of pristine white sand washed by the crystal waters of the Pacific Ocean. This shore is world-renowned and attracts the best big-wave surfers who attempt to take on the monster winter surf in a variety of international competitions. This month we take you on a virtual tour of the top beaches on Oahu's north shore, from the windblown dunes of Mokulelia Beach near Oahu's western tip to the clear, serene waters of Lanikai on the windward side.

The more observant viewers may have noticed that this virtual tour is viewed through a frame resembling an Apple iPhone. We are now offering a suite of mobile apps for the iPhone, featuring our panoramas of Hawaii's six major islands. Those who have enjoyed our virtual tours over the last couple of years on this website or visited our Hawaii Travel Guide to see the hundreds of luscious panoramas will now be able to carry this valuable information with them on their visit to Hawaii's most scenic locales.

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Guava — Tuesday, December 8, 2009
This is so cool. When we visited Hawaii, we pretty much stayed in Waikiki, with one excursion to Diamond Head and Hanama Bay. I never realized how beautiful (and secluded) the beaches were on the north shore of Oahu. I downloaded their free iphone app which was also very awesome. Mahalo!!!

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Regarding the Kilauea volcano lava flow.

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