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How Efficient Is Your Refrigerator?

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How Efficient Is Your Refrigerator?The energy efficiency of refrigerators has improved dramatically since 1980. Today, refrigerators with the federal ENERGY STAR® rating are the most energy-efficient models on the market. Take a look at the accompanying chart to compare the energy use of your refrigerator with others.

If you plan to purchase a new refrigerator, read the yellow and black EnergyGuide label on the model. It will allow you to compare the estimated annual electricity use of that particular model with similar models in order to select the most efficient appliance for your money.

If you recently purchased a new refrigerator, we congratulate you, especially if you purchased an ENERGY STAR-qualified model. However, we offer a word of advice: Don’t use your old refrigerator in addition to your new, energy-efficient model.

Many people move their old refrigerator out to the garage and use it to cool drinks or for extra food storage. But by doing so they are greatly increasing their energy use. It is far better to purchase an energy-efficient model that fits all of your needs.

Type of refrigerator/ freezer unitSize in
cubic feet
Defrost typeManufactured before 1980: kWh/monthManufactured after 1980: kWh/monthManufactured after 2001: kWh/monthENERGY STAR kWh/month
Top freezer14-18Automatic120-18065-14037-4731-34
Top freezer19-21Automatic135-20075-16041-5032-37
Top freezer22-25Automatic  44-4735-40
Bottom freezer15-18Automatic  45-4638-39
Bottom freezer19-21Automatic  47-4837-40
Bottom freezer22-25Automatic150-18085-9048-5039-42

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