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Hawaii Wedding Myths

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As Hawaii's wedding resource center, we receive countless questions from brides-to-be about how to make the wedding planning process easier. Every bride has a vision, and unfortunately so does your Mother in Law, Maid of Honor, and all of your newlywed friends who share their do's and don'ts to execute the perfect wedding. Here are some of our favorite mythbusting answers brides want to know...

1. I've heard about wedding insurance. What is it and how much does it cost?
Weddings are a huge investment and an average wedding budget falls anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 plus. With any major purchase in life; buying a car or a house; insurance is offered to ensure that you are “covered” in case the unexpected arises and weddings are no different! Although wedding insurance isn’t widely known or taken advantage of in Hawaii, there are two main types of wedding insurance that can be beneficial to brides and grooms:

Wedding Liability Insurance This type of insurance protects the bride, groom and their families (if they are paying) from financial liability in cases where they are held responsible for alcohol related accidents, property damage, or injuries during the actual wedding. This type of insurance may be required at certain locations and venues.

Wedding Event Cancellation/Postponement Insurance This type of insurance protects financial investment in the wedding that covers deposits (potential loss of) and cases against extreme situations (weather, accidents, sudden illness) and no-show vendors.

Wedding insurance can be a hefty investment in itself, ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000+ depending on the cost of your entire event and how much coverage you want to invest in.

2. I've always dreamed of getting married barefoot on the beach... are there any regulations about setting up a ceremony on public beaches in Hawaii?
Permits are required for the use of a state park, beach or similar location for the purpose of a marriage ceremony and/or reception. It's important to note that some beaches are managed by other government agencies versus the city and county. Permit applications and information can be obtained on the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) website. This website provides a list of specific beaches needing permits, and those beaches that are restricted for wedding and commercial use based on safety conditions or sensitive cultural sites. If you haven't hired a wedding coordinator, it's best to inquire direct with the DLNR to find out what permits and forms are needed before moving forward with your dream location.

3. Who owns the images from our wedding? Us or the photographer?
Ultimately, the photographer owns the strict rights (copyrights) to the photos taken at your wedding or event by law. Some photographers, however, will offer brides and grooms a photography release, which allows them limited rights to duplicate and make copies of the photos for personal use only. This photography release does not allow brides and grooms to duplicate the photos for any commercial use, or the intention to resell the images in any way.

4. Do people really save the top tier of their cake to eat on their one year anniversary?
Traditionally, the top tier of the wedding cake was removed and saved until the couple’s 1st anniversary. This process involves removing the top tier and ensuring the box or container is tightly sealed to avoid freezer burn and possible damage. While this tradition was mainly for sentimental reasons, most cake bakers say that after one-year, cake really has little or no taste at all! There is now a growing trend where brides and grooms are opting to order a mini replica cake to be baked and served on their one-year anniversary called an anniversary cake. This is a more delicious reminder of your wedding day, because the cake will taste and look more like it did on your wedding day.

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