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Get Firefox!

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For the past few months I've been playing with Firefox (an alternative browser to Internet Explorer) and I can say its "tested and approved" (by me) for use by "normal humans" (as opposed to uber geeks that need the latest and the greatest).

Firefox offers a better browsing experience than Internet Explorer in several key areas: tabbed browsing, live bookmarks, and integrated search. Tabbed browsing lets you open links in a "tab" that appears on Firefox instead of a new window, keeping things nice and tidy. Live bookmarks allow you to subscribe to sites that feature RSS news feeds (we've talked about that in earlier columns). Finally, integrated search lets you directly search your favorite sites like Amazon, Ebay, Yahaoo, from within the browser.

Firefox also "feels" faster than Internet Explorer although I didn't objectively measure the performance difference. Other people feel that Firefox is more secure but I think that's more of a "six of one, half-dozen of the other" situation when compared to Internet Explorer although I'm sure that many will debate me on that point.

If you're looking for a better and faster Internet browsing experience and you're comfortable with installing new software, I would definitely check it out. Get Firefox!

Check it out!

Peter Kay

For those of you who have Windows Media Player, click here to download the latest version you can play the video while I walk you through the whole thing. Let me know what you think!

Send me your questions and if the topic is of general interest, I’ll happily post your question and the answer.

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