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How to Win Playing Slot Machines, Really!

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Bally's Casino
Bally's Casino

As I said in part one of this series there are some secrets to winning at slot machines but no-one can guarantee your financial results. You've seen those slot systems advertised on the web for $39.95, $49.95 or more and your chance of winning is no better with or without their secret. Save that money and you are already a winner.

So how do you "Win Playing the Slots"? There are thousands of different slot machines however they all operate on similar principals. Knowing the type of slot machine you are playing and your budget can help you maximize your play or chances of winning.

Did you know that there is a different betting strategy for different types of slot machines? On some machines you should play full coin (max bet) to have the best chance of winning on other machines you should just bet one coin.

Your bank roll figures in because it determines what type of machine you should play to have the best chance of winning. A player with $100 in session money will play a different machine than a player with $1,000.

Triple Diamond Video Slot Machine
Triple Diamond Video Slot Machine

The two basic types of slot machines are reel slots and the video slots. It's easy to tell the machines apart the video slot has a TV screen with virtual reels on it.

After that slot machines get very complicated with terms like progressives, multi-line, multiplier, buy-a-pay, bonuses and combinations or variables of all the above.

Megabucks Slot Machine
Megabucks Slot Machine

The primary feature of a progressive slot machine is the large jackpot that increases as the machine is played. A small portion of each bet gets added to the jackpot with every spin on machines like Wheel of Fortune or Megabucks. Check out the latest Progressive totals at Kimo's Vegas.


Multi-line machines offer you more pay-lines (chances to win) for each additional coin (or bet) you make. These usually don't penalize you for play one, two, three or five coins.

Multiplier's pay more for every additional coin you bet. Look at the pay table on the machine if a cherry pays 1 coin for one coin bet, 2 coins for 2 coins bet etc. it multiplies the pay outs based on the number of coins bet. So there is no penalty for playing one coin instead of five.

Sizzling 7's Slot Machine
Sizzling 7's Slot Machine

The buy-a-pay slot machine offers you a higher payoff for a higher bet. Check out the pay table if the first coin you win with cherries, the second coin bars (and cherries) and the third coin pays all three… 7's, bars and cherries. If you bet one coin and the 7's come up you win nothing so always play buy-a-pay with the full or maximum coin in.

If you play penny machines the best strategy is to play at least one coin on every line. Playing most penny machines this way will activate all the bonus features. Penny machines are designed to give players maximum playing time so when you're ahead quit and play another machine.

Wynn Casino
Wynn Casino

The bottom line on casino gambling is that the house always has an edge over the player. They are there long term (compared to our short visit) and they have a mathematical advantage in every game or machine.

Join us next month when we check out some of the unusual things about slot machines that you may not know.

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Aleblack — Friday, January 24, 2014
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