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Lifestyle :: Travel :: Kimo's Vegas :: How to get a Free Room in Las Vegas Part I

How to get a Free Room in Las Vegas Part I

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People think that because I write a column about Las Vegas that I get free rooms all the time. The truth is sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t one because of my writing. However I always get a free room in Vegas and I’ve stayed at the Wynn, Paris, Venetian, Rio and many others using the secret I’m about to share with you.

But first did you know there is a 100% guaranteed way to get a discounted room in Las Vegas?

First visit the website of the hotel you’d like to stay at. Be careful there are a lot of travel sites that are disguised as hotel websites. There’s nothing wrong with booking a room this way but it’s usually more expensive than working directly with the hotel. Visit Kimo's Vegas click on the tab labeled “Vegas Maps/Hotels” then click on either the strip map or downtown map. Now click on any hotel and you’ll get a direct link to the hotel just by clicking on the hotels picture.

Kimo’s Vegas Tip: If you’re new to the hotel or haven’t been there in awhile click on the hotels logo and download or print a map of the property to bring with you.

When you visit the hotels official web site you’ll notice the opportunity to get their best deal by giving them your email address. Not only will you get a great rate but sometimes they’ll even offer you a dining, show or gaming special. Of course holidays and heavy convention dates will cost more than off peak times but as my great-great grandfather Confucius Akane would say “you get what you pay for”.

Before I reveal the secret of getting a free Vegas hotel room, consider the business models of the two biggest Las Vegas hotel/casino operators.

At Harrah’s Entertainment (HET) the philosophy is to attract players, people who like to gamble and they make money mostly from the games they offer.

At the MGM Mirage properties the philosophy is to attract business travelers (with expense account) or people looking for a total Vegas experience and they make money on the rooms, restaurants, shows, gaming and everything else they can.

If you are a high roller, someone who bets $150 per hand for three to four hours a day or if you play $5 slots for at least six hours a day this kind of action will get you a comp anywhere on the strip.

Regular folks (smaller players) can get the same treatment but there are some tricks to help you get a room comp. 

I get room offers in my mailbox every week and right now my Harrah’s online account has over 100 different offers for rooms, slot tournaments, even a suite at Paris for New Years and I’m only a Gold member (the lowest level possible).

The first part of the secret is you must get and use the casinos players card. The reason is simple they can’t give you a comp if they don’t know who you are. Inserting your players card will not alter the chance of winning one way or the other because the two units of the machine are not connected.

There is an exception to this rule and that is to learn when the casino’s day begins. Most casinos start their players club day at 12:00 midnight so if you put $20.00 into the $1.00 slot at 11:59 pm and you hit spin. You will have played $3.00 on one day and the rest of your play on the next. This is important because you’ll have one low day and one high day and your average play will be lower.

Because the casino wants a shot at your money the players club is designed to keep track of how much you play not how much you put in. So if you put in $20 and win $100 but leave with zero your play will be $120.00!

I’m not good at math but even I know that $120 on one day is more than $120 averaged over two days. 

Because a lot of slot machine wins are smaller (2 coins, 5 coins or 10 coins) most players don’t realize how quickly their play adds up. And contrary to popular belief the casinos love slot players!

Next month here at Around Hawaii, How to Get a Free Room in Vegas Part II, good Luck! For the latest Vegas news and more Kimo’s Vegas look in MidWeek Magazine or visit us online at Kimo's Vegas.

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