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Lifestyle :: Travel :: Kimo's Vegas :: The Man with the Golden Arm, Part II

The Man with the Golden Arm, Part II

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This month part II of “The Man with the Golden Arm” interview with Sr. VP of the Downtown Region, John Repetti (who was the General Manager) and Casino Manager, Jeff Weiss (who was the Shift Manager) of the California Hotel when Stanley Fujitake set the record for the longest roll in the history of craps 3 hours and 6 minutes, 118 rolls.

Stanley Fujitake
Stanley Fujitake in his lucky shirt

KV: I’ve been at the Cal when people have had good rolls and you can hear it reverberate through the halls…

SW: Yes you can…

JR: I think you could have heard this one back in Maui, Kauai or Hilo…

KV: People are standing 4, 5 or 6 deep around the table but only the guys standing around the table can bet right?

SW: At that point the table was full so we couldn’t get any more players on the table otherwise we’d never get a roll of the dice, so basically 16 players is our normal amount that we have on the table.

KV: That’s gotta take forever to pay everybody off…  

JW: We actually had a very good crew on that table that was here from five in the afternoon and they didn’t leave until 5 in the morning, when graveyard came in we kept these guys because they knew whose bet was whose, there’s no confusion on the game their able to deal to a good pace for that game.

JR: Kimo I’m gonna give you a little known fact… and the customers who played after the hand thanked us for what we did. When Jeff told you it went into the graveyard shift that means a new crew came on. The crew that was dealing, naturally they were tired, they were working hard… when you deal a dice game and it keeps on passing, you keep your head down you keep on having to work they were sweating but they know everybody’s bet and they know whose where. So Jeff made the decision the right decision to keep that crew overtime, the crew that just came on he told them to take a break and come back later any other place they would have changed the dealers at 3 o’clock when somebody new came on.

Golden Arm Plaque
 Legend of the Golden Arm

KV: In terms of the streak 3 hours and 6 minutes your time I imagine is the official time…

JW: That’s the time that we actually got from surveillance they can go back and look at when Stanley first picked up the dice until he finally through that seven out at the end of the hand it was 3 hours and 6 minutes total.

JR: So that is an official time, every table in the hotel is being taped and by regulation the tapes are held for 7 days so we were able the next day to go back and say OK what time did it start and we looked and it was 1:30 something whatever it was and we looked at it when the last dice is thrown and seven out and you see the dealers picking up the line so you know when it ended. The 3 hours and 6 minutes is not an exaggeration it’s not a underestimation or over estimation that’s how long Stanley shot the dice that day.

Craps 3
David Lebby California & Fremont Hotel General Manager at Craps 3

KV: At the end of the 3 hours and 6 minutes what was the table win?

JR: The table win was nothing; we won nothing the customer win that day, it was the largest loss in the history of the California hotel that day it was in excess of a million dollars… which at that time is a lot of money still a lot of money today but today there are people that come in… in our properties we have customers and they may play that much by themselves. When you have that many people winning money at that time that was a lotta money that went out. It’s been paid back to us time and time again in publicity and return business and things like that so it really was money well spent.

Did they have to refill the chips on the table? Were there a lot of hard ways? Was the table destroyed the next day? How did the Golden Arm Club begin? What’s the Platinum Club? Get the answers to these questions and hear the complete interview at

Many thanks to John Repetti & Jeff Weiss for sharing their memories with those of us who were unfortunate enough not to be there on May 28th 1989 and a special Mahalo to Mrs. Fujitake for the picture of her husband, Stanley (in his lucky shirt).

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